• Val Bregaglia

    This rather remote area is best reachable from St Moritz direction therefore if you plan to travel from Zürich you need to consider one overnight sleep in the Engadine region. Decision to explore this part of Switzerland came after checking the weather forecast for the weekend and only few areas in Switzerland were cloud-free. Sleeping […]

    Jun 26th, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • Quick shots

    May and June were pretty hectic for us, we’be been almost all the time on the road without having too much time for blogging. Here is a quick roundup: We moved since a while in Opfikon but we didn’t have the excuse to throw a house warming party but in May, together with summer we […]

    Jun 22nd, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • Quick shots

    For Easter we managed to get cozonac and pasca from a romanian baker living in Zürich. They were almost as good as the ones made by my mom !

    May 25th, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • 710

    This is the cumulated distance that I covered before my first race, the 10 miles Grand Prix in Bern. How do I know this ? Well, I am a stats freak and I am keeping a (very basic) running log in a Google Spreadsheet so I could look back and compute some figures. You know, […]

    May 18th, 2011 | Filed under Hobbies, Living in Switzerland
  • Beichle

    That was the first serious hike of the 2011 season. Between Luzern and Interlaken there are some mountain groups that looked appealing to me, meaning they have interesting shapes and ridges . Beichle is one of them and because of its relative small altitude (under 1800m), it was a good target for last weekend, when […]

    May 11th, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • Roggen – Jura

    May, 1 caught us, where else but in the mountains :). The whole weekend wasn’t too good for planning outdoor activities, especially because of a cold weather front which came from west. The forecast for Sunday looked grey and rainy in almost whole Switzerland with some exceptions in western part of it. I looked up […]

    May 4th, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • Quick shots

    Spotted a hybrid bus on line 768. It’s a bit smelly and hot on the back seats, I wonder why.

    Apr 20th, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • Bütschelegg

    This is the name of a small mountain (in fact you can call it a hill) which is placed in Bern area and it has great views to the Alpes. We didn’t want to do a high-mountain tour, there is still plenty of snow there, but we wanted to go more for a relaxing walk […]

    Apr 13th, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • The chocolate factory

    Well, we didn’t visit such a place, in fact we manufactured our own chocolate Easter bunnies thanks to André and Emilie, who invited us to participate at this tradition. I have to say I felt like visiting Willy Wonka in the “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, literally the white, brown and dark chocolate was everywhere. […]

    Apr 12th, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • Quick shots

    Barefoot walking along Limmat. Next day I had a terrible headache and fever :(.

    Apr 9th, 2011 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
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