Up and down Aargau

The neighbor canton of Aargau has some nice and well conserved cities; in February and March we visited three of these: Bremgarten, Laufenburg and Boniswil(Halwyl Castle).

Bremgarten is quickly reachable from Zürich within only 40′ (with one change in Dietikon)
We visited it just before the carnival:

Flying scarecrows took over the city:

River Reuss + old buildings = perfect harmony :).

In Laufenburg I used to go 3 years ago to visit … a dentist. Here we are again but this time as tourists :).

The Rhein divide the german and the swiss part of Laufenburg.

Boniswil itself is not too spectacular but the Hallwyl castle, placed within 30′ of a nice walk made us to visit it. Unfortunately the public visits inside the castle will start only in April :(.

But no worries, we continued along Hallwil Lake and discovered other landmarks :).

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