September and October: walks round-up

These two months were stable from a meteorological point of view, few raindrops fell over Switzerland, some snow came also. This post covers 6 visited places: Pizol area in Eastern Switzerland, Maderanertal and Golznersee in Central Switzerland, Fräkmüntegg and Eigenthal near Pilatus(Luzern), Swiss open-air museum Ballenberg, Vaduz in Liechtenstein plus a fantastic weekend in Chamonix (France).

1. 5-Seen-Wanderung

Very very busy trail, a word of advice, if you plan to go there do it during the week or try to avoid the good weather :D. The landscape reminded me of Retezat Mountains.

The hike profile varied from up and down, total descent was ~1000m.

Rest of the photos:

2. Chamonix

We’ve been closer than never to Mont-Blanc and, as a bonus, the weather was perfect !

Get yourself a daily pass for all cablecars/mountain trains to get an idea of the surroundings. If the weather is good then a must is to take the Panoramic Mont Blanc gondola over Mer du Glace.

More photos from Aiguille du Midi day:

If you want to taste amazing food then try Panier des 4 Saisons.

Relaxing moments in front of the tourist office.

More photos from Chamonix and surroundings:

BTW, if you travel by public transport you can’t leave the luggages in the railway station nor at the tourist office, make sure you arrange with the hotel you stay.

3. Maderanertal

This lovely (and secluded) valley is accessible from Gotthardbahn, close to Flüelen (south of Lake Luzern).

From Chärstelen riverbed we followed literally some stairs…

… and reached the beautiful Golznersee.

The area has a big potential for follow-ups but … next time. More photos from Maderanertal:

4. Ballenberg

We’ve been in Switzerland for more than 4 years and that was firs time when we visited this open-air museum.

Be warned, if you have goals (like me) to see each house then you need more than one day :). We managed to cover the eastern half of museum area and also to catch live action.

Late in the evening we met friends in Brienz and enjoyed the sunset over Brienzersee.

Ballenberg, see you next spring! More photos:

5. Fräkmüntegg – Eigenthal

This time we didn’t climb Pilatus but we wanted to be just above the sea of clouds.

The forrest was beautiful just like in a picture frame :).

Our hike ended just above the clouds, in Eigenthal. More photos:

6. Vaduz

Well, again a première for us: the first visit in Liechtenstein; we “hiked” to Vaduz Castle, actually a permanent residence.

More photos:

Thanks for reading !

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