Val Bregaglia

This rather remote area is best reachable from St Moritz direction therefore if you plan to travel from Zürich you need to consider one overnight sleep in the Engadine region. Decision to explore this part of Switzerland came after checking the weather forecast for the weekend and only few areas in Switzerland were cloud-free. Sleeping in a mountain hut and breathing fresh air in the morning was another reason to go so remote; we chose Maloja Pass for that and had the accommodation in a typical Engadine house, Chesa Alpina. We arrived in Maloja late in the evening but it was just in time, the rain stopped, so we did a small walk in the surroundings and checked the view from Schloss Belvedere. In the morning we took the postbus towards Bregaglia valley and stepped out in Casaccia(1460m) where we started the our trail.

In the beginning the path follows the river bed towards south and has great views towards Albigna Dam.

From Roticcio(1270m) we gained more altitude and left the villages like Vicosoprano below us.

I was constantly distracted by interesting peaks in the area, including Pizzo Badile, a 3000m granite giant.

Along the path we did a lot of butterfly-spotting :).

And after a 5 hours walk, we reached Soglio(1090m), the target of the day.

We came back to Maloja via the postbus and I was once again impressed with the U-turn skills of the swiss drivers :).

Travel times

  • Zürich – Maloja: 4h’ (train change in Chur, from St Moritz postbus connection)
  • Maloja – Casaccia: 15m(postbus)
  • Casaccia – Soglio: ~5h(hiking)
  • Soglio – Maloja: ~1h(postbus, change in Promontogno)


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