Braunwald via Oberblegisee

The weather forecast for the weekend looked very good but also high temperatures were predicted; so we planned to start the hike early in the morning and if possible to avoid the ascent during the midday. We chose Glärnisch mountain group mostly because Glarus/Linth valley are quickly accessible from Zürich with the Glarner Sprinter. The day was great, almost cloudless, we managed to finish the uphill before the sun scorched us :). Again I was amazed by this area, had flashbacks from our first trip in Switzerland when did the Eggstock via-ferrata.

From Schwanden we took a small bus to Schwändi(700 m) village.

In the beginning the ascent is tough, but it was better like that, we gained quickly altitude.

Eventually, after 2hrs, the steep ascent finished in Guppen Oberstafel saddle(1675m).

Next, our path followed the cow trails to the dry lake of Guppen then hiked up to another saddle (1650m), where we had an amazing view towards Oberblegisee and surroundings.

From Oberblegisee we followed a path almost horizontally and reached the farm and mountain restaurant at Mittle Stafel(1380m).

Braunwald was at one hour ahead, the initial ascent was a bit demanding because of the heat but eventually we reached the train station.

Travel times

  • Zürich – Schwändi: 1h20′ (train change in Schwanden then bust connection)
  • Schwändi – Brauwald: ~7h(hiking, with breaks)
  • Braunwald – Zürich: ~2h(cogwheel train first to Linthal)


  • Topographical map from

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Jun 29th, 2011 | Posted in Living in Switzerland
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