• Oerlikon

    One thing I know for sure, by moving to Opfikon, I will miss the Oerlikon train station. For a trainspotter this station is a paradise: there are 7 S-Bahn lines stopping here: S2, S5, S6, S7, S8, S14, S16. Two times per hour. Plus two InterRegio’s. Plus many IC, ICNs transiting the station towards Zürich […]

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    Dec 29th, 2010 | Filed under Hobbies, Living in Switzerland
  • Movin’ tips

    As you (might) know already, we moved in Opfikon, near to Zürich Airport after living for 3 years in Oerlikon. There are various reasons why we looked for a new flat, I summarized them in a previous post. In the following I am trying to share with you some tips and tricks of our experience […]

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    Dec 23rd, 2010 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • Mobility

    Besides the great public transport network, Switzerland provides a good support for people that sometimes need a car to accomplish their needs. This service is called Mobility. Basically you subscribe for an yearly abo then every time you need a car, you book it via their web service or you just go to any Mobility […]

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    Dec 20th, 2010 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • The move

    It’s been a while since I wrote a post, main reason was that we were busy moving into our new flat in Opfikon. In the following you can see some photos from the move, that didn’t leak to Flickr ;). A great Thank you goes to Joel and Ivan who joined us in the furniture […]

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    Dec 12th, 2010 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
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