Dealing with many photos

I usually take about 200 photos during one full-day trip. Many of them are duplicated, I am trying to use different composition, focus or exposure. But then you would say it’s a nightmare to maintain and to sort all these pictures . I know there are various applications that you can mess with tags and settings but not for me. I am using a simpler approach, that I will going to explain you in the following.

For each camera, I have on my HDD two folders:

  • camera-dump – with content from the camera cards
  • resized – same content as above but with pictures resized to 1024px(largest side)

Then, the folder structure looks like:

./2009/2009-05-17 - Hoengberg/
./2010/2010-08-03 - Dolomiti/

The content inside “camera-dump” folder is moved to a backup harddisk on a regular basis. I hardly need the photographs in the original size, that is the main reason. But the content in the “resized” folder stays there from day 1 of that digital camera. Why ? I can easily lookup for a picture in the past, if I know the approximative date, and I can quickly browse through them (smaller size => faster loading).

There is one “minor” detail left: there are still 200 photos per event folder ! There is no “best-of” folder or something like that, I use Flickr sets to publish a selection from that event.

So, to sum up the steps:

  1. Shoot (hundreds) of photos
  2. Download these photos on my HDD with a folder structure camera-dump/YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD-EventName/
  3. Resize the photos, as a result you have the resized folder
  4. Make a selection and keep them for showing later (or publish on a photo webservice like Flickr)
  5. Move the camera-dump folder to a backup device (could be also in the cloud. I am using two backup disks, at two different addresses)

For step 2) 3) I am using these bash scripts, feel free to re-use it . BTW, I am not a savy in Bash, so improvements are welcomed :). I am running these on Mac OSX, using ExifTool and ImageMagick utilities.

# Batch resize the camera-dump folder
inputDirEsc=`echo $inputDir | sed 's:/:\\\/:g'`
outputDirEsc=`echo $outputDir | sed 's:/:\\\/:g'`

find $inputDir -name "*.JPG" | while read file
    fileDest=`echo $file | sed "s://:/:g" | sed "s/$inputDirEsc/$outputDirEsc/"`
    dirDest=`dirname "${fileDest}"`

    if [ ! -d "$dirDest" ]; then
        echo Creating directory $dirDest
        mkdir -p "${dirDest}"

    if [ ! -f "$fileDest" ]; then
        echo Converting ... `basename ${file}`
        convert "${file}" -resize 1024x1024\> -unsharp 0x1 "${fileDest}"

One last thing to mention, my Flickr sets contain usually 24 or 36 photos, maybe because I am nostalgic to the old photographic films of 36 exposures ?

Neah, I think 36 photos fits well in the Flickr layout :)

Nov 17th, 2010 | Posted in Hobbies, Photography
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