• Indoor climbing

    We use to scramble valleys and ridges in Carpathians that involved small parts where we did elementary rock climbing. Most of the times, a small rope was the only technical equipment that we had it with us and we used it to pull the backpacks over the obstacles or to rappel. Few times we use full equipment but it was […]

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    Sep 19th, 2010 | Filed under Hobbies
  • We are (actively) looking for a new flat

    It was December 2007 when we got our current flat and it was just perfect for me and Oana: it is ideally located, Oerlikon train station is within minutes of walking, it has supermarkets in the vicinity, and many cats are wandering in the surroundings   However time passed and started to spot weak points […]

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    Sep 13th, 2010 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
  • Via ferrata Tälli

    This ferrata is the oldest in Switzerland (was opened in 1993) but of course the cables and iron rungs are up-to-date maintained The area reminds me of Dolomites, I think mostly because of the rock type. Together with Oana, Dagmar, Rolf and Chrigu we climbed this via ferrata which was a bit long (you spend […]

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    Sep 12th, 2010 | Filed under Mountains, Photography, Travel
  • Hot-air balloon ride

    Last year Oana wanted as a(nother) birthday gift, a hot-air balloon ride But we had bad luck because the weather was not so good and we didn’t synchronized with our friends that wanted to join. So, after endless delays, in september 2010 we found the perfect day 😉 So, together with Oana, Theus and Andreea we lived […]

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    Sep 11th, 2010 | Filed under Photography, Travel
  • Betreibungsauszug

    Three years ago, when we came in Switzerland I found this word impossible to remember and to pronunce it  First what does it mean ? It’s an official statement from the Kreisbüro (local community office) where your apartment belongs that shows you have no official debts. Useless to say that I found it stupid three years […]

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    Sep 10th, 2010 | Filed under German, Living in Switzerland
  • Via ferrata Diavolo

    The ferrata is situated in the vicinity of  Teufelsbrücke (Devil’s bridge) at 20 minutes of walk from Andermatt. Best time of day to do it is midday as the sun arrives only then in the valley. The ferrata has medium difficulty and is very good equipped. We saw a lot of families with children and is […]

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    Sep 9th, 2010 | Filed under Mountains, Photography, Travel
  • One reason I like Zürich

    One of the many reasons that I like Zürich is the view that you get in the clear days towards the Alpes and Lake Zürich. The picture below is taken from Waid, a location best reachable with bus 69.

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    Sep 8th, 2010 | Filed under Living in Switzerland, Photography
  • Dolomites revisited

    In 2005 we’ve been in Dolomites for the first time but it was just a stop between Romania and Switzerland, were we actually spent most of our holidays. We managed to do some tours in Drei Zinnen and Falzarego areas and these just opened our appetite. But it took us 5 years to make it […]

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    Sep 6th, 2010 | Filed under Mountains, Travel
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  • I haz a blog !

    I used to have a blog, started on my photo gallery website, but I never invested proper time and energy in keeping it up-to-date. Plus it was a pain to maintain it, as I went with my own approach of keeping the posts. I enjoy travelling and taking pictures, you might know already that I […]

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    Sep 5th, 2010 | Filed under Living in Switzerland
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