Vlad Ştefan

Say hello to Vlad Ştefan, our newest family member. He was born on March, 17 at 04:45 after a looong awaited delivery :) He is doing fine, mother too and yeah, we are on the road again, the journey we started now is an amazing experience with up and down emotions that are cleaned immediately when the little one give us a smile. I am not too good in describing these emotions in my mother tongue, in English would have been even harder but thanks to Stephan Heuel here is a blogpost that matches my current status :).

More photos on my Flickr archive.

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Apr 17th, 2012 | Filed under Living in Switzerland

Simcity updates, March

The highlight of the this release is Lausanne public transport simulator. The motivation behind this project was the beautiful Google Maps oblique imagery that is available for the Lake Léman area; imagery that amplifies the “simcity” effect of the mashup.

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Mar 12th, 2012 | Filed under Hobbies

Up and down Aargau

The neighbor canton of Aargau has some nice and well conserved cities; in February and March we visited three of these: Bremgarten, Laufenburg and Boniswil(Halwyl Castle).

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January and February photostory

Heavy snowfall came to Switzerland (and the rest of EU). Here are two photos from the place we live:

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Simcity updates, January

There are not too many updates this month except the fact that I focused on code refactoring, readability and URL scheme polishing for the webtuesday.ch presentation that I held on January 10th. The slides are available on Slideshare for download; thanks everyone who attended !

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Bye bye 2011

We spent the week between Christmas and New Years together with my sister in-law and friends from Romania. During these eight days we celebrated 3 birthdays (mine, Monica’s and Raul’s) + New Years Eve + Saint Vasile and between keeping our stomachs busy we managed to do some travelling and visited some of our favorite places like Müren and Bergün.

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Ending the hiking season

Before the snow settled seriously in the mountains we managed to do two more hikes at the end of this lovely indian summer that covered Switzerland. First one was in Graubünden, we went through Zügenschlucht canyon (near Davos) and the other one was a classical Rigi autumn walk with great view towards Lake Luzern and surrounding mountains.

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Vienna and Paris

First days of November and December caught us on the road outside of Switzerland; in November we went to Vienna and we celebrated Oana’s birthday there and in the beginning of December we spent an extended weekend in Paris. During both escapades we enjoyed part of the cities that we knew more or less already but also we took full advantage of the gastronomic offer that local cuisine offered us.

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Dec 23rd, 2011 | Filed under Travel

Simcity updates, December 18

The highlight of this release is a feature that is very popular on version 1 of swisstrains.ch: follow vehicle which allows you to “travel” together with a selected vehicle on the map. You can activate it in the same way, just click on the moving marker(vehicle) then in the vehicle panel click the ‘Follow’ button. The feature is available also in the romanian version despite the fact that Google Maps Satellite material has good quality only in some areas of Romania.

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September and October: walks round-up

These two months were stable from a meteorological point of view, few raindrops fell over Switzerland, some snow came also. This post covers 6 visited places: Pizol area in Eastern Switzerland, Maderanertal and Golznersee in Central Switzerland, Fräkmüntegg and Eigenthal near Pilatus(Luzern), Swiss open-air museum Ballenberg, Vaduz in Liechtenstein plus a fantastic weekend in Chamonix (France).

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